Free Language Learning Websites FOR CONNECTING With Live Native Speakers

One of the greatest contributions the web has given language learners may be the ability to interact with native speakers.

In the past, in the event that you were learning a foreign language (meaning you didn’t live in the country where the language was spoken) your instructor was most likely the only person you have you ever heard speaking in-language.

In the event that you weren’t in a formal terminology program with a teacher, your likelihood of finding someone to help you practice were even smaller sized. That’s all changed and today several websites offer free systems for language learners to connect.

Two that can get you started are usually: iTalki and SharedTalk Vocabulary Exchange.


The iTalki platform offers some free services for terminology learners and boasts over 1 million users. You will find a language exchange spouse, submit written work with feedback, and participate in group discussions.

The system works by bringing language learners from all over the world jointly who contribute by helping each other learn. For example, if you are a native English speaker and you’re learning Arabic, you can submit your written work to a native speaker of Arabic for evaluation or look for a native speaker to chat with you. Likewise, you would volunteer your English expertise to greatly help an English language learner.

Additionally, iTalki uses a virtual credit method. You earn credits by aiding others. You can invest your credits on tutoring and specialized teaching services (you can even buy these services). iTalki can be an entire language learning community.

Get started with iTalki by filling out your learner profile. As soon as you’re done, potential speaking partners can see your profile and send you an launch and friend request.

You can also become involved by heading to the Answers tab. Here it is possible to volunteer answers to queries learners have about your native language. The considerably more involved you are on the site, the more opportunities you’ll have to meet native speakers ready to assist you to practice your language skills!

SharedTalk Language Exchange

SharedTalk offers fewer features than iTalki, with the service concentrating on connecting you with a talking partner, not so much an entire learning community.

The website is operate by RosettaStone, the giant of professional language learning products. Unlike their language learning computer software, membership for this service is free. Log on to SharedTalk and you’ll see a drop-down menu that allows you to find a native speaker of the dialect you’re trying to learn and who, in exchange, wants to learn your native language.

Arabic written chat gives you a listing of learners who match your partner preferences, including: gender, native vocabulary, languages they’re learning, nation, and age. Click on any of the names and you may visit a short introductory paragraph that lets you know what the person is looking for in a language exchange mate.

The nice thing about SharedTalk is the broad range of learners. You will discover learners interested in finding a casual conversation partner, graduate students wanting to practice academic vocabulary, and learners interested in developing specialized vocabulary.